〈Untitled〉 for Tap Street Project Exhibition, 891x1189 mm, 2015

〈DOT FANTAZIA〉, 103x210 mm, Printed on paper, 2015

〈Untitled〉, 2015

〈Untitled〉, 300x200 mm, 2015

Posters for exhibition 〈UWSCxGLITCHERS〉, 420x594 mm, 2015

〈Untitled〉, 210x297, Pen on Paper, 2012

〈Untitled〉, 250x230 mm, Printed on Fabric, 2015

〈Untitled〉, 210x297 mm, Oil Pastel on Paper, Editied for Web, 2014

〈Untitled〉, Variable Size, 2015

〈장수산長壽山 Mt.Jangsoo>, Variable Size, 2014

〈Desire to Crash〉, 70x70mm, 2015

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