<Untitled>, 750x1050, Web

<TOILET:Selected Works 2016>, 297x297 mm, Book Press, Published on Web

<Untitled>, 1000x1460, Web, Press

<Fragile Days>, 176x250 mm, Book Press

<Untitled>, 1000x1424, Web

<1979.10.26>, 816x500, Web

Donguk University Philosophy Scholar <DIONYSIA>, 420x594 mm, Poster

<Untitled>, 500x500, Web

<Untitled>, 785x1085, Web

<Flowers>, 100x150 mm, Press

<Flowers>는 어둠속의 꽃을 사진에 담는 원의 작업물과 함께한 포스트카드 협업이다. 이 작업물로 <여성,괴물 vol.3 Contagious Abject 전염하는 비체>에 참여했다.

<Flowers> is a post card collaboration with 원's work that puts the flower of the dark into the photograph, which is participated in <여성,괴물 Female, Monster vol.3 Contagious Abject 전염하는 비체>.

<Untitled>, 550x671, Web

<Untitled>, 796x417, Web

<Untitled>, Seodaemun-gu, 1000x1000, Web

<Untitled>, 700x700, Web

​​​​​​​<Untitled>, 904x1060, Web

<Untitled>, 700x960, Web

<Untitled>, 1000x1000, Web

<Untitled>, 2521x2083, Web

<Untitled>, 680x680, Web

<Untitled>, 600x600, Web

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